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"This book should encourage all women to believe that yes…they can have it all."
--Dr. Archelle Georgiou, President Georgiou Consulting and KSTP-ABC Medical Consultant

Available Corporate Presentations

Pathways to Success, Leadership, Communication,
Gender Issues in the Workplace, Performance Improvement

Past Presentations

"Catalysts to Success: Personality, Work Styles, and Leadership"
Employee Assistance Professionals Association's Annual Conference, Orlando, FL 2014 -- Miller Burke, Jude

"Millionaires: How Working Men and Women Become Successful"
American Psychological Association's Annual Conference, Washington DC 2014
-- Miller Burke, Jude

"Female and Male Millionaires: Similarities and Differences"
Presented at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Washington D.C. 2011 -- Miller Burke, J. and Attridge, M.

"Impact of Traumatic Events and Organizational Response"
Presented at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention,
San Francisco, CA 1997 -- Miller Burke, J. and Attridge, M.


"Pathways to Career and Leadership Success: Part 1 - A Psychosocial Profile of $100k Professionals"
(Miller Burke & Attridge)
Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health 2011

"Pathways to Career and Leadership Success Part 2 - Striking Gender Similarities Among $100k Professionals "
(Miller Burke & Attridge)
Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health 2011

"Domestic Violence and Its Effect On Children"
(Parker, Bergmark, Attridge, & Miller Burke)
National Council on Family Relations Report  2000

"Impact of Traumatic Events and Organizational Response: A Study of Bank Robberies"
(Miller, Attridge, & Fass)
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 1999

"Socialization and Situational Influences on Sustained Altruism"
(Clary & Miller)
Child Development 1986

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Jude Miller Burke presents the principles in "The Millionaire Mystique", along with many other valuable topics based on her extensive experience helping women achieve success. Speaking engagements will be tailored to your specific needs and the concerns of your company.

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“The Millionaire Mystique”
is published by
Nicholas Brealey Publishing.

Author's profits will be donated to Fresh Start Women’s Foundation.

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Dr. Miller Burke’s coaching and consulting services strengthen your organization by:

•  Assessing and improving leadership skills.

•  Assisting top performers to excel.

•  Developing high performance teams.

•  Increasing the understanding of organizational culture and deliberate choices to enhance it.

•  Helping employees balance life and  work issues.

•  Retaining employees.

•  Improving employee focus, productivity, and morale.

•  Identifying poor performers and  implementing an improvement strategy.

•  Improving conflict resolution skills.

•  Preparing leaders for change.