"This book should encourage all women to believe that yes…they can have it all."
--Dr. Archelle Georgiou, President Georgiou Consulting and KSTP-ABC Medical Consultant

jude miller burke

Dr. Miller Burke's
Credentials Include

• Ph.D. Human and
Organizational Systems

• M.A. Organizational Development

• M.A. Counseling Psychology

• B.A. Psychology

• Licensed Psychologist
(M.A. Level)

Jude currently lives in the southwestern United States with her three children. She lived in Minnesota for over forty years hiking and kayaking the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and the St. Croix and Mississippi River valleys. Her favorite times include walking with grizzly bears and fly fishing in Alaska with her kids, and her weekly hikes with friends climbing Camelback Mountain in Phoenix. Jude also enjoys playing with her Samoyeds. 


Dr. Jude Miller Burke has been helping high-earning women and men in the business world since she began her own career in corporate America, joining Honeywell as an employee assistance psychologist in 1982. Their career trajectories and her own made her intensely curious about which factors separate women who reach the top of the career ladder from those who do not. In 2010, she conceived of the Millionaire Mystique Study on which this book is based, to explore what made both male and female millionaires successful, how they overcame obstacles, and their most effective leadership styles. A variety of successful people responded to the survey, 60% of whom were millionaires or multimillionaires, forming a fascinating group to study. Most of the seven-figure income men and women were self-made individuals who began life faced with obstacles that they later overcame.

Dr. Miller Burke became a domestic violence therapist for several years, which she continued to do on a part-time basis when she entered the corporate world. She was the Employee Assistance Psychologist for a 6,000-person division of Honeywell for almost ten years, providing workplace consultation, personal problem assessments, counseling, and management education. The position at Honeywell led her to United Healthcare, where she worked for ten years as Vice President of Operations at Optum. As VP of operations, she directed the growth of the 24 hour employee assistance program, which focused on workplace and personal problems for nearly ten years.

Currently a leadership coach and consultant for individual executives and management teams, Dr. Miller Burke has provided executive coaching for the past ten years through the University of St. Thomas Business Center in Minneapolis, Murro Partners in Phoenix, Arizona, and currently through her own business, JAMB Consulting in Phoenix.

Similar to many of her study participants, Dr. Miller Burke overcame socioeconomic and childhood adversity that might have stood between her and corporate success. For example, she lost a younger brother, started working when she was 15 to supplement the family income, and paid her own way through four college degrees. As she was navigating her own path from this challenging rural midwestern upbringing to corporate executive, she developed special areas of expertise including management consultation, leadership development, team effectiveness, and employee performance improvement. She also developed the talent for saying “why not?” when others were hesitant to move forward with innovative ideas.

Dr. Jude Miller Burke is the ideal person to write a book on successful self-made multimillionaires due to her own professional success and experience in corporate America, her work as a business psychologist, and her consulting and executive coaching experience in leadership and workplace issues, working with major corporations and United Health Group’s insurance divisions. She has also established a reputation as a speaker on career issues and domestic violence prevention.

Jude has recently completed a three-year scientific research project on how individuals overcome obstacles to success, as well as gender differences and similarities. She presented her work at the 2010 American Psychological Association's Annual Conference in Washington, D.C., and she will once again present her research at this conference in August of 2014. Jude is also presenting at the national Employee Assistance Program Association in September of 2014.

In addition, she has published several articles with Dr. Mark Attridge in The Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health and the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in the areas of leadership, success, and the impact of traumatic events in the workplace.

“The Millionaire Mystique”
is published by
Nicholas Brealey Publishing.

Author's profits will be donated to Fresh Start Women’s Foundation.

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