"This book should encourage all women to believe that yes…they can have it all."
--Dr. Archelle Georgiou, President Georgiou Consulting and KSTP-ABC Medical Consultant

Readers of "The Millionaire Mystique" learn:

• Why starting at the bottom is not a disadvantage, and how women can build on the circumstances they were born into, as did many of the successful women in our research,

• The most valuable (and often surprising) personality characteristics of wealthy working women and how to develop them,

The work styles of multimillionaires and the experiences that lead to their success, including using a wide range of "loyal mentors", building social capital, socially influencing others, and learning to argue a point to closure,

How to enhance the most critical traits for overcoming obstacles (including sexism) to success: persistence and hardiness,

What male multimillionaires recommend women do "more of" and differently in their careers in order to achieve at a higher level,

• The leadership values of wealthy working women (and men) – which include doing what is best for the employees you supervise and your organization,

• It is possible to creatively integrate work and home for a greater sense of well-being,

The decisions women millionaires make in order to acquire and retain their wealth,

Richness is often acquired by giving back to your community, which enhances your physical and emotional well-being.

Millionaire Mystique Women Book

"The Millionaire Mystique" is filled with insights and advice from female millionaires and multimillionaires who enhanced certain personality traits and work styles to become successful.

Each chapter of "The Millionaire Mystique" includes examples and anecdotes from successful women who live and lead in a way that allows them to remain resilient no matter what happens.

What Makes "The Millionaire Mystique" Different?

1) This book is based on a scientific research project conducted with Dr. Mark Attridge. We used past social science research to design the study and standardized measures and national norms for data comparison.

2) Interviews were conducted with women and men who made their own money and became very wealthy. These millionaires and multimillionaires provide sound advice on effective personality traits, work styles, overcoming detours and failures, and effective leadership styles. These key tips are also well-grounded in theory and research and are interpreted through the lens of my own 20 years of corporate leadership experience and 10 years experience in coaching other executives.

The Millionaire Mystique will give you hope that whatever your challenging circumstances may be, by incorporating these identified workplace skills and enhancing specific personality traits and behavioral techniques, success is more than just a possibility for you!

“The Millionaire Mystique”
is published by
Nicholas Brealey Publishing.

Author's profits will be donated to Fresh Start Women’s Foundation.

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